Privacy Policy

Perform Worldwide Limited is a registered company in the United Kingdom with the registered number 9028032 and is committed to safeguarding the privacy of Users and their Personal Information.

This Privacy Policy outlines when and why Perform Worldwide Limited (hereafter ‘PWL’) collect personal information about ‘Customers’.  It will outline how we use the information and how we store the information and advise you of your rights with regards the preference of use and removal of data.

PWL offers a package delivery service requested by the ‘Customer’.  The Customer’s staff or associates will be hereby known as ‘User’.  The information provided by the Customer will enable us to collect a package from the sender and deliver the package to the receiver.  The data the Customer provides to us either via telephone, email, SMS text, any messenger service or online booking via PWL’S website, is used for our legitimate interests in delivering our service.


Personal Data we may collect includes:

  • Full Collection and Delivery Name
  • Collection and Delivery Address
  • Collection and Delivery Contact Number
  • Collection and Delivery Email address

For International Deliveries and collections, Customs may require PWL to request Consignor and/or Consignee Identification including Passport Copy and Driving Licence.


Personal Data


The amount Personal Data that PWL is provided is down to the Customer and may affect the efficiency of the delivery or collection.   PWL trusts that the Customer has received consent by the Sender or Consignee, that the delivery data provided to us meets with the Sender’s or Consignee’s approval in order for us to fulfil the delivery service.  By agreeing to PWL’s Terms and Conditions and the details outlined in this Privacy Policy, and at the time of registering, consents to PWL to use the Personal Data for our legitimate interests relating to the completion of our service, before and after making a delivery/collection.

Third Parties

The information required to undertake a collection and delivery may be shared with our partners or delivery agent (hereafter ‘Suppliers’) in order to complete the delivery.  These Suppliers are required to maintain the confidentiality of the data and are not permitted to use the information for any other purpose, other than completing the services rendered.  In addition, PWL may share this information with HMRC (Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs) and/or other Customs authorities or other parties required by law. PWL will not sell your data or use your data for other purposes other than the agreed service provide.

We store Data

Storing the delivery data of a package or distribution enables the track and trace abilities for our Customers.  Storing this information also enable our website also auto prefill when the customer is booking online.   We also store correspondence and email data relating to a service request from a Customer or User.  We will store your data for 6 years, from the end of the last financial year (PWL Financial Year End 30th April).

The customer has every right to request deletion of Personal Data stored by PWL’S.

Safeguarding of Data

PWL complies with the Data Protection legislation. Personal data will only be made available to the staff of PWL and to those third-party agents or suppliers who assist PWL in completion of the delivery service.

Deleting of Data

Coda Commerce Ltd are storing the data on our behalf in a secure cloud environment behind firewalls and IP address restrictions.  Corporate data falls outside of the GDPR but should you have requests to delete data from our systems, you can manage this yourselves by removing the address data from the consignee address book and user profiles under the contacts section.

Should you require to have larger sets of data deleting, this will need to be undertaken by PWL.  Please email us or call us and we will happily have this arranged.



Telephone: 01753689877

Access to Customer data by Coda commerce Ltd staff is controlled by the GDPR Officer at Coda Commerce, in line with our contractual confidentiality obligations.

Our website

To track a package or delivery on PWL’s website, the Customer or User must supplier a Tracking number.  Unless the Customer is logged in to their account, tracking details such as consignee/consignor details will not be visible.

The Customer or User can view extended tracking which provides Consignor and Consignee information, only if you are logged in with Username and Password verification.  If a Customer logs in to the PWL website, PWL will always assume that the User is the person logging onto his computer. Therefore, if the User’s computer is shared with other people, PWL recommends that when the User signs out of their account and changes their settings on their browser, so that the Username and Password does not remember or prefill these details.

Usernames and Passwords

PWL does not manage your online login password.  If the Customer or User would like to change the Username or Password of a User, PWL will email you a password reset link.  Your passwords are not be visible to PWL and will be managed by the user alone (Customer).  The passwords are Case Sensitive.

SSL Certification is SSL Certified.   The SSL Certificate establishes an encrypted connection (unreadable to everyone else) between the Customer or User entering the information and the server that you are sending it to (PWL).

Our Website uses ‘Cookies’

‘Cookies’ are small items of personal data stored by a user’s browser on the user’s computer, used to store and track information and allow the server to take back information from the browser.

PWL uses Cookies on the website for the following purposes:

a. to save the User’s User ID and Password;

b. to allow easy access to the Site (by alerting PWL as to who the User is) and to access the User’s member information (stored on PWL computers) in order to offer a service which strives constantly to be improved and become ever more personalised;

c. PWL collects Internet Protocol (“IP”) addresses, which may be used to gather statistics on use PWL website;

d. to record searches customers and or users have made during visits to PWL website

If you do not wish to receive Cookies, you can change this by change the settings on your browser (Block Cookies).  This may affect the experience on PWL’s website.

Personal Data within a delivery


PWL does not physically hold or process the personal data contained inside a package.  PWL does not hold responsibility for the contents of the data, its relevance or its accuracy.  In the instance that any personal data has been lost or breached, PWL will inform the Customer and the ICO (Information Commissioner’s Office) within 72hrs of PWL’s awareness.

Data Breaches

PWL’s Data Protection Officer has breach procedures ensure that we have safeguards and measures in place to identify, assess, investigate and report any personal data breach within 72 hours of PWL’s awareness of the breach.  PWL and it’s staff will take all steps reasonably possible to secure the personal data supplied to us by the Customer or User from loss or misuse.


Payments and Financial Details

We do not accept payments over the phone or via email.  For this reason, we do not and will not hold any Credit or Debit Card details of our customers or any other users.

Email Marketing and updates about our services

PWL offer many different logistic services.  As a Customer, we’d like to tell you about these products and services and may also tell you about public holidays that will make changes to our service.  PWL uses Email tracking to alert the Customer of any tracking updates relating to a delivery.  The Customer may provide PWL will contact information to provide the tracking updates via email to the Sender or Receiver of a delivery.  PWL will therefore assume that the Customer or User has consent from the Sender or Receive or Third Party to send these updates.  If you would not like to receive these emails, you can unsubscribe at any moment by emailing us at and we will remove your details from our email list.

The customer has every right to request deletion of delivery address information stored by PWL’s hosting system, Courier Navigator – Coda Commerce.

What are your rights?

When reading this notice, it might be helpful to understand that your rights arising under Data Protection Legislation include:

  • The right to be informed of how your Personal Data is used (through this notice)
  • The right to access any personal data held about you
  • The right to rectify any inaccurate or incomplete personal data held about you
  • The right to erasure where it cannot be justified that the information held satisfies any of the criteria outlined in this policy
  • The right to prevent processing for direct marketing purposes

In addition to sending PWL your complaints directly to, you can send to the UK supervisory authority – the Information Commissioner’s Office by visiting


As our strategy to ensure our continued compliance with data protection and privacy laws is ongoing, we may update the Privacy Policy from time to time; therefore, we encourage you to review the Privacy Policy periodically to keep up to date.